How to access Facebook from China

My name is Josh. I love traveling. I love Facebook. Now, this is everything you need to know in order to understand what happened to me this week. I arrived to Beijing on Monday and right when I landed I found out that Facebook is blocked in China and there is no way to access it from this side of the world.

tl;dr; the site I used is and if you are looking for a good service that will help you access Facebook and Twitter while you are in China, check it out. it worked ok for me.

So we landed, and as I do when I land in any other place of the world, the first thing I do is to check in on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and lately also Snapchat. I know it is crazy, but this is me and this is how I keep my loved ones updated. Yes, I know, it is hard to call 5,000 Facebook friends ‘loved ones’ but yes, I love them. Got any problem with that? 🙂

So in the terminal when waiting for by bags to arrive, I take my phone and think about the funny post I’ll share with the world. Although I do have 5,000 friends, I really wanted to tell my mom that I arrived to China and everything is ok. And it didn’t work. And that sucked. Badly.

I tried to restart my phone and checked my cellular data, both on my iPad and my Android. Everything worked except Facebook. I got really nervous and then that nice lady came over to me and said: You can’t connect to Facebook, ha? She was smiling.

I told her: Yes, something is wrong with my phone, I’ll fix it in a minute, don’t worry about it. And she replied: No, it is not going to work. But Why? I asked, and she explained it and said that in China, Facebook is blocked and there is no way you can access it unless you use a service that overrides this blockages.

So the way it works is this: In order to access websites that are blocked, you need to access a website that is not blocked and use it in order to access other websites. It’s like telling your sister to tell something to your mother, without actually talking to your mother.

That woman referred me to that website that solves this problem, it is called it has a free trial and does not require any installation. I tried, it worked like a charm and after I saw that it really works, I have decided to get a paid account for my the whole year I’m going to spend in China.

If you know other ways to solve this problem, please feel free to share in the comments below.